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Think SEO. Right from the start.

The best foundation for SEO optimization is a perfectly implemented website. If strategy, content, and design are right, nothing stands in the way of success. As an experienced SEO agency in Vienna, we combine all our digital skills to create exceptional user experiences.

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From strategy to conversion

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Before we define keywords, we define precise goals for your company. We analyze the competition and user needs, look for potential, and try to answer the most important question: How can organic traffic help to achieve your company's goals?

  1. The strategy forms the basis for the success of search engine optimization. It is based on detailed analyses of your website, the competition, and industry-specific trends.

  2. Whether it's restructuring the site architecture, creating content, building backlinks, or technical updates – we implement exactly the things that will bring your site to the top. To make targeted use of resources, we help your company with automation and AI-supported processes.

  3. The success of the measures is monitored and analyzed. We keep an eye on organic traffic, keyword rankings and user behavior. This is where we ask ourselves the most important question: Have the company's goals been achieved?

  4. Based on the results of the measurements, continuous adjustments are made to increase the effectiveness of the SEO strategy. Weak points are identified and rectified to ensure optimal website performance in the long term.

Content that convinces

Regularly created content is crucial for the long-term success of your SEO strategy. We create content that is on-brand and specifically targeted towards your audience. Data analysis helps us ensure that the content is always relevant.

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Data monitoring: Eyes on the prize

Our tools provide permanent data, which we summarize in reports at regular intervals and coordinate with you personally. This keeps you up to date with ranking changes and also lets you know what the competition is up to.

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We run on technology

Technical SEO unlocks the full potential of your website. The main goal is to enhance the site's infrastructure to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index pages. We also ensure that your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

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Philip Ehrenfellner, Functn Digital Agency Managing Partner

"We would be happy to advise you on search engine optimization and look forward to making your website even more successful!"

Philip Ehrenfellner, Functn Digital Agency Managing Partner
Philip Ehrenfellner, Managing Partner
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